In Chemo Aharon safety comes first.

The company’s Safety Policy
Our fundamental goal is to provide for each employee an optimally safe working environment. In order to achieve this goal safety is in the focus of our organizational culture and it comes first and before anything else.

We are committed to work under strict safety regulations to ensure the health, well being and safety of our staffs, working in the various projects sites. It is our policy to achieve and supply the highest standards of occupational safety regulations and equipment, as an inherent part of the projects’ performance. Thus, keeping the safety regulations is our primary interest – both for the benefit of our staff and for the benefit of our clients.

We truly believe that embracing safety regulations, as part of our vision and our routine conduct, is the right way to ensure lower costs, to optimize the efficiency and to reduce wasted working hours.

To reach this goal, both management and workers, must, individually and as a group, take on the responsibility to implement the strictest safety regulations. This ensures that the target of “working in an environment free of casualties, hazards and injuries” doesn’t remain a statement without any content.

The company’s management is strongly committed to lead this vision and to foster a working environment free from hazards. Safety is the first and foremost value and under all circumstances there is no compromise regarding its keeping during the execution of our projects.

The company’s Safety System
Our safety system was developed in accordance with: OSHA 18000, the projects’ needs, the clients’ standards requirements and the Israeli occupational safety laws and regulations. The safety system covers all the disciplines, lines of works and activities that the company is engaged with.

Our Safety System includes:

  • An organizational safety structure which includes the accountability and responsibility of all the staff including: our mangers, our safety commissioners, our safety trustees and our workers.
  • A working frame that includes: safety procedures, safety permits and risk assessments regarding our activities and projects.
  • Creating a working environment that promotes minimizing accidents and hazards and maximizing hazards elimination.
  • The existence of regular safety inspections, regular safety trainings and involving workers with safety issues.
  • The existence of safety equipment, safety facilities and personal protective equipment, in accordance with the safety requirements for each activity.
  • Holding safety events’ investigations, through which maximum conclusions and lessons are drawn. These are implemented in subsequent projects in order to prevent further safety events.

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