Oil & Refineries

Since 1965, Chemo Aharon has participated in numerous mechanical construction and pipe projects, providing in each project highly professional service for its clients. With decades of accumulated experience, the company offers a professional team and modern, up to dated equipment.

The company offers excellence in implementing a large range of disciplines in oil and refineries projects:

  • Pipe systems and Pipelines construction and maintenance
  • Refinery towers
  • Oil and fuel tanks
  • Oil Heating and refining
  • Maintenance works
  • Pigging / Intelligent Pigging and surveying

Our partial list of clients includes:

  • Ashdod Refineries
  • Haifa Refineries
  • ‘Paz’ Refineries
  • Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures ltd (PEI)

We’ll be happy to be at your service. Contact us.

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