Pressure Reduction & Metering Stations

EPC work for PRMSs is our specialty.

Chemo is an expert in construction of new high pressure pipeline in according to API, EN & ASME standards with steel pipes grade up to API X70 in all diameters.

Work start with analyzing the plans and preparing detailed time schedule, safety plan and general construction procedure for each activity.

Detailed quality procedures are prepared for all construction fields in the project, including Surveying, ROW, Transporting, Stinging, Welding, NDE, Crossing, Excavating, Pipe lowering-in, backfilling, rehabilitation, Cathodic Protection and many other. Welding is one of the major activities and a special quality plan for welding and non destructive examination (NDE) is prepared in very details. WPS & PQR for all kind of weld joints are summarized in Matrix table which covers all type of weld joints in the project. ITP – Inspection and test plan is an important documents and integrated part of the quality plan.

We successfully completed high pressure pipeline projects for natural gas with pipe diameters between 6-30 inches and pipe grades group 2 for EN 3834 part2 standard and down.

Partial list of supplies and/or built PRMSs:

  • PRMS of Reading power station
  • PRMS of EMG
  • PRMS of Haifa IEC
  • PRMS of Ramat Hovav IEC (infrastructure)
  • PRMS of Ramat Hovav Industrial zone (infrastructure)
  • Haifa Chemicals South
  • Haifa Chemicals North
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