Chemo Aharon cares about the environment.

The company makes sure that it meets the strictest standards regarding environmental protection. The company is certified for the ISO 14000 standard – for environmental management.

Following our vision and outlook, we invest great efforts in various activities that are part of this ‘green’ approach: rehabilitation, seeding, moving trees and re-planting them, irrigation maintenance, landscape restoration, etc. We also make sure that once a project is done the waste is divided and evacuated to appropriate and authorized waste sites. This activity ensures that no toxic waste or contaminated materials are left behind and that recyclable waste reaches its correct destination.

Over the years, we have undertaken amazing efforts to make this world a better place. Following our vision some of our projects involved creative and challenging solutions aimed to minimize environmental damage:

  • Building an electro static precipitator at a major power-generation station.
  • Installing a fly ash conveyance piping.
  • Assembling a flue-gas desulphurization system.
  • Erecting a 300 meter height stack and air-scrubber arrangement that provides a cleaner environment.

We believe in working with the nature and not against it. We share the philosophy that respects the environment and regards mankind as responsible for nourishing it. We strongly believe that only such an approach will ensure that also the coming generations will have the opportunity to enjoy our planet.

We’ll be happy to be at your service. Contact us.

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