Company Profile

Company Profile Chemo Aharon Ltd. is a privately-owned construction company, established in 1963. The company specializes in different fields of construction solutions, for the energy infrastructure industry.

The company’s three main areas of expertise are:

  • Power Plants – New construction of Combined Cycle Power Plant, Coal operated Power Plants, Pressure parts, non pressure parts, maintenance works.
  • Natural Gas – New, low and high pressure Pipelines, Valve and Receiving Stations, Pressure reduction and metering stations, supply of high and low pressure components, engineering, Odorization, maintenance works.
  • Oil & Refineries – New constructions and maintenances works.

Our set of ‘know-how’ abilities includes:

  • Highly qualified staff, in different relevant areas, including: project managers, expert engineers, professional construction site managers, highly trained welding inspectors, quality control experts, welders, pipe fitters etc.
  • Long lasting accumulated professional knowledge, based on numerous implemented projects. Each project’s implementation is backed up with: statistics records, efficiency system per site location and the sub-work type, man-power histograms per projects, etc.
  • Self sufficiency based on the core staff and the large range of privately owned construction equipment. These enable the company to rely on its own strength and to react promptly to any need.
  • Wide experience in implementing large scale projects including: highly trained control personnel, man hours (direct & indirect) calculations, time schedule planning, daily/weekly reporting, welding statistics, project progress reports, forecast reports and cost control, ERP system maintaining, etc.
  • Up to dated professional and commercial knowledge – well updated of the newest technologies.
  • Embracing and thus working under strict safety regulations – including OSHA 18000 and the environmental care ISO 14000 certifications.
  • Granted with international certifications.
  • Service oriented approach.
  • ‘Green’ and sustainable consideration.

Chemo Aharon Ltd. has been involved and has played a key role in some of Israel’s leading national projects in the energy industry. Throughout participating in such large scale national projects, the company has positioned itself, in Israel, as one of the most highly qualified and most experienced companies, in the field of energy infrastructure.

Throughout the different fields of its operation, Chemo Aharon Ltd. offers its clients turnkey comprehensive solutions for large scale construction projects. The company bases its projects’ implementation on a Self Performing operation mode – a unique and prominent company strength that leads to success.

The company’s in-house long lasting accumulated knowledge, experience and equipment, combined with the “know-how” capabilities, enable it to present high performance standards, prompt reaction and creative solutions, in each project. Excellence, no less, is our goal.

With experience that goes 45 years back, Chemo Aharon Ltd. is a well earned synonym for expertise, reliability and quality in the energy infrastructure industry.

Proudly enough Chemo Aharon Ltd. activities were and still are interwoven within the main national projects that symbolize the remarkable industrial and infrastructure leap that the state of Israel has taken in these passing decades. Further challenges are still ahead, both in Israel and abroad.

We will be happy to contribute our expertise and to be part in the realization of any dream or vision regarding any energy infrastructure project.

We will be happy to be at your service. Contact us

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